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Transforming Logistics: Vine Line Logistics

Discover the transformation in logistics operations as Vine Line Logistics, a leading company based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, shares their exceptional journey with Turvo. In this video, Steve Lyons, President of Vine Line Logistics, unveils the remarkable impact that Turvo, the world’s leading collaboration application designed for the supply chain, has had on their business.

By adopting Turvo, Vine Line Logistics experienced a positive shift in customer engagement and collaboration. According to Lyons, “Ever since we got Turvo, one of the beautiful things about it was that we could engage with our customers in a new way.” Turvo enabled them to unify diverse communication channels, providing the ability to collaborate and streamline all forms of communication. Lyons adds, “Turvo does a fantastic job of unifying all of those under one roof.”

The benefits of Turvo extend beyond improved communication. Vine Line Logistics witnessed a boost in productivity and operational efficiency, thanks to Turvo’s streamlined processes. Lyons highlights the impact, saying, “It’s an incredibly functional tool from a collaboration aspect. It’s helped Vine Line Logistics grow.” Turvo’s functionality and collaboration capabilities have allowed Vine Line Logistics to stay focused on the load at hand, eliminating the reliance on third-party email sources.

Turvo’s powerful features have proven indispensable to Vine Line Logistics. Lyons explains, “Our carriers are provided a tenant, one in which they can go in and get the shipping information, everything from pickup numbers and delivery numbers to addresses and phone numbers.” Additionally, drivers have access to the Driver Turvo app, which Lyons emphasizes as a crucial aspect: “For a driver to be able to download an app and for them to be able to access again all that shipment information… It truly sets them up for success.”

Vine Line Logistics firmly believes that Turvo has become a critical component and foundational piece of their business and has empowered them to drive growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and optimize their logistics operations.

Watch Steve Lyons’ testimonial as he shared how Turvo has transformed Vine Line logistics’ operations. 

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