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Best in Show, Nine Times in a Row – A Recap of FreightWaves’ Future of Supply Chain Event

The Future of Supply Chain 2023 event, hosted by FreightWaves in Cleveland on June 21-22, 2023, once again served as a grand stage for industry leaders, startups, and innovators to discuss, debate, and showcase the future of the supply chain and logistics industry. Among the displays of revolutionary concepts and solutions, Turvo, the industry leader in cloud-based Transportation Management Systems (TMS), stood above the competition by taking home the distinguished Best in Show award for a record-breaking ninth consecutive time, as presented by FreightWaves’ own Kaylee Nix, renowned industry reporter.

“Our ninth consecutive Best in Show is proof of our commitment to revolutionize the freight tech industry,” said Samantha Foley, Turvo’s  CMO. “Our TMS is truly differentiated by our collaborative platform and network approach. We are providing an unmatched level of visibility and efficiency across the supply chain.”

The event held a mix of keynote speeches, panel discussions, and innovative technology showcases. Among the participants were top industry figures and analysts from FreightWaves who shed light on emerging trends and challenges in the supply chain industry.

One of the most captivating parts of the event was a series of rapid-fire tech demos by numerous innovative supply chain companies. Our Senior Director of Product Management  Kyle Wegman, and Senior Sales Engineer Ashley Smith, showcased Turvo’s latest features including real-time visibility, intelligent automation, and optimal carrier selection tools. Their performance played a significant role in Turvo clinching the Best in Show award.

Adding to the event, FreightWaves’ “What The Truck!?!” host Timothy Dooner made an appearance, sparking an exciting conversation with Anthony Ceritelli, Director of Customer Success at Turvo, along with Tom Zeis, CIO at Port X Logistics . The engaging discussion offered insights into the real-world impact of how Turvo’s solutions solves not only the container drayage service gap that many companies often experience, but also how real-time visibility and true collaboration elevates Port X’s ability to provide world-class customer service. 

Moreover, the Future of Supply Chain 2023 event was not merely a platform for recognizing innovation; it provided valuable perspectives on broader topics within the supply chain industry, such as the integration of artificial intelligence, the potential of cloud systems for enhancing reliability, and the transformative impact of autonomous vehicles on logistics.

Turvo was not the only company recognized for its contributions. The Best in Show winners’ circle also included industry stalwarts like Ryder System, Inc., Trucker Tools, and Truckstop. These companies, alongside Turvo, represent the vanguard of innovation in the logistics and supply chain industry.

In retrospect, the Future of Supply Chain 2023 event was a testament to the crucial role of technology in defining the future of the supply chain. As Turvo continues to chart new territories in this field, it sets the stage for the transformation of traditional logistics operations into highly efficient, intelligent, and sustainable systems.

With an eye on the future, the event concluded with the promise of even more innovation, growth, and disruption in the supply chain industry. With Turvo at the helm, we can anticipate a future where supply chains are not just efficient but also agile, connected, and responsive to the evolving needs of the global economy.

Keep watching this space to stay updated on how Turvo and other industry leaders continue to reshape the logistics and supply chain landscape. We invite you to be a part of our exciting journey towards a collaborative and innovative future!

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