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Turvo’s Shipment Link Wins The Visibility Race

When Two Brands Team up - Victory is Inevitable.

Learn how collaboration and true shipment visibility are more than just dashbaords and portals.

Port X Logistics is well known for its value in providing expedited, containerized cargo management, drayage, trans-loading, and OTR trucking. Port X Logistics chose Turvo to streamline supply chain operations and increase value creation for customers through better shipment visibility. The partnership has proven to be a success based on several factors including the customer success story highlighted in the video.

In this 2 min video, you can learn from PortX’s CIO how Turvo’s shipment link and driver app came to the rescue for a racing team who needed fuel for a race located across the country. Watch the full video to hear Port X’s CIO share how Turvo “provides every party with quick and easy access to shipments while maintaining real-time visibility”.

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