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Amazon Effect & Customer Experience White Paper

We asked,
“What’s killing customer experience in your supply chain?”

Hundreds of shipping and logistics professionals weighed in. 40% cited lack of visibility. Find out what else they said in this exclusive white paper, featuring key behaviors and drivers in a post “Amazon Effect” supply chain.

Amazon Effect and Customer Experience WP

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What matters most to shippers?

In an exclusive survey conducted over three months (April-June 2021) to members of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and others, we recorded answers from over 400 key logistics stakeholders including shippers, 3PLs, and brokers, with 62% shippers represented. Discover what’s driving customer experience and where investments are being made by today’s manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and re-distributors.

Learn what shippers expect from their 3PLs and brokers, and what their customers expect from them.

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