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The Road To Sustainable Supply Chains

In this comprehensive white paper, you’ll learn how sustainable supply chains are built through leading collaboration technology, visibility, and a corporate governance plan focused on reducing emissions and waste in transportation. Learn the critical success factors that leading consumer brands, manufacturers, distributors, and logistics companies are enacting today for a greener and more profitable tomorrow. In this detailed white paper, you’ll discover:

  • The problem of carbon emissions and waste in supply chains.
  • How consumers make buying decisions based on an organization’s commitment to ESG strategies, and why not enacting a plan could negatively impact profits.
  • Why standard visibility isn’t enough to optimize efficiencies for sustainability in areas such as time spent waiting to unload and load trucks at the dock.
  • The importance of data and analytics in eliminating the harmful environmental impact of deadheading.
  • How perishable goods spoilage can be avoided through item-level inventory tracking
  • AND much more.
sustainable supply chain

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