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Order Visibility

Importance of Order Visibility in Supply Chain Planning & Execution

Maintaining a unified and interconnected supply chain network is of the utmost importance for shippers of all sizes. Logistics managers rely on clear insight, accurate data, and order visibility to maintain smooth operations day in and day out. Proper planning and execution within the supply chain depend on access to accurate data regarding inventory availability and movement. Knowing when and where inventory is moving along the supply chain makes it easier to track orders, reduce delays, and lose orders due to poor availability or stock shortages. In the past, there wasn’t a way to coordinate inbound and outbound moves very well, especially with respect to the ongoing advancement and expansion of systems and enterprise portfolios. This is why a collaborative platform that utilizes real-time integration and tracking is essential for monitoring order visibility and also why real-time visibility is the top item in the supply chain managers’ tech wish list, says Supply & Demand Chain Executive.

Why a Lack of Order Visibility Contributes to Lost Opportunities for Improvement

Without proper planning, capacity and load management will falter and fall short of its full potential. And without order visibility and tracking, effective freight analytics and management becomes next to impossible. Improving processes and securing maximum order capacity is critical to surviving these trying times. The lack of visibility and real-time notifications lead to lost opportunities in several ways:

  • Missed orders due to inadequate inventory supply
  • Slow shipments and mismanaged orders
  • Poor communication with vendors and customers
  • Additional fees from canceled orders
  • Increased expenses from particular inventory acquisitions
  • Decreased visibility throughout the supply chain

It is easy to see how poor order visibility can impact other areas of the supply chain. When things start poorly due to inadequate visibility and flexibility, every point afterward can be adversely affected.


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The Value of End-to-End Order Visibility in Supply Chain Planning and Management

End-to-end visibility is critical for any supply chain, whether they are dealing with cold chain transportation or bulk order freight. When it comes to handling orders and inventory management, especially when balancing e-commerce shops and brick-and-mortar stores, visibility and up-to-date tracking are essential. Order visibility allows management to see a clear picture of where items are at any given time, how much inventory is in the warehouse, on the trucks, in the store, being held for shipment, and due to arrive. Collaboration between all steps and components of the supply chain is critical. Easy sharing of data and analytics helps keep everyone on the same page. Innovative and collaborative dashboards and platforms can help improve end-to-end visibility and management across networks. 

Tips to Increase Logistical Planning and Enhance Versatility and Adaptability

Supply chain logistics lives or dies based on the ability to be versatile and adapt.  Changes in market trends, customer demands, inventory availability, supply chain deliveries, and local or global disruptions are unavoidable. However, they can be prepared with the correct planning and logistical approach to keep order visibility front and center by following a few simple tips.

  • Provide adequate training during the onboarding process
  • Maintain a collaborative and cooperative perspective
  • Embrace big data, predictive analytics, and automated platforms
  • Keep open lines of communication going between team members
  • Partner with vendors and 3PLs to help improve network strength
  • Listen to feedback, concerns, and comments from consumers

Order visibility is a critical part of supply chain management and operations. Without this essential component locked down, it will be challenging to maintain the continued alignment of business goals. This is why accurate inventory tracking is so critical. 

Overcome the Barriers to Collaboration With a Shared Platform Like Turvo

Order visibility, network collaboration, data integration, and real-time tracking shipments all make it easier to overcome barriers within the supply chain network. Collaboration between all steps, teams, and vendors within the supply chain is vital. Without proper planning, capacity and load management will falter and struggle during these trying times of adjustment and recovery.  A robust automated dashboard and management platform can make all the difference in the world. Connect with Turvo to learn more.

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