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How Logistics Technology Empowers Customer Experience Initiatives

Logistics technology can have a tremendous impact on supply chains, particularly customer relations. Building a strong and positive customer service experience is critical for growth and success within the supply chain. Embracing digital logistics technology can ensure better customer experiences with increasingly focused and innovative services. But first, it’s essential to understand how a lack of technology can contribute to poor outcomes. 

The Costs of Poor Customer Experience in the Supply Chain

Customer experience is often defined as how customers view their personal experience with a particular brand. The various interactions shape their perspective of the company. This focus is the driving force behind all decisions made in the daily operations of the supply chain.  Few things can cause as much damage to a shipping company’s reputation and name as negative experiences. 

For instance, a history of poor deliveries, damaged goods, and dissatisfied customers is never a good thing. Unfortunately, much of the issues with bad customer experiences go back to limited supply chain visibility. And as explained by Forbes, “Lack of visibility is a common obstacle for companies in every industry. In the Business Continuity Institute’s 2017 report on global supply chain resilience, 69% of respondents said they do not have full visibility of their supply chains. [Even worse] research concluded that many small and medium businesses could reduce their shipping costs by almost 30% if they were not forced to make costly last-minute air shipments due to foreseeable, preventable delays.”

Poor customer experience can cause damage to the supply chain image by effectively pushing customers closer to abandoning your company, driving up your acquisition costs, and lowering retention rates. Think about it. Unhappy customers are more likely to leave, taking their orders and money elsewhere. Digital logistics technology can make customers’ experiences all the more favorable. That, in turn, saves the supply chain from negative reviews, decreased profits, and fewer missed opportunities.

How Logistics Technology Creates Better Customer Experiences

Ensuring customers have a good experience and end their interaction satisfied is the ultimate goal of managers within the supply chain network. And it promotes a substantial competitive advantage by keeping the supply chain moving in the right direction. Embracing modern logistics technology allows team members to provide the best possible customer experience, including these core improvements: 

  • Better tracking of shipments from start to finish so timely updates can be provided.
  • Faster ordering and payments make it quick and easy to finalize deliveries.
  • On-demand customer service helps customers get answers to their questions or concerns.
  • Up-to-date status reports and data sharing options keep everyone on the same page.
  • More secure shipments with less chance for damage, loss, or problems.
  • Improved response to issues that may arise due to weather, fleet issues, or other factors. 
  • Personalized options to address specific needs of customers or individual shipments.
  • Money-saving options are unlocked through better networking and vendor relations.

Logistics technology helps supply chain professionals make the most of every opportunity to give customers the best experience possible.

Tips to Using Technology to Deliver Above Expectations Every Time

While it is important to incorporate digital logistics technology into all operations, it is equally essential to ensure that such technology and innovation are used effectively. Delivering above customer and industry expectations is the ultimate milestone that everyone strives to reach. To that end, more companies have followed a path toward more proactive and end-to-end visibility initiatives, including automated push notifications and actual management by exception. Remember that proper utilization of automation and digital platforms should follow these critical tips to use technology and deliver above expectations—on-time, in-full and every time:

  • Focus on real-time tracking options and data distribution.
  • Push for improved communications and instructions.
  • Focus on faster problem solving and more intelligent choices.
  • Work towards more substantial predictive analysis and planning options.
  • Find more affordable rates that bring fewer fees.
  • Embrace automated updates and reports for team members.
  • Bring better customer service options to the table by showing status and real-time tracking info to customers. 

Using digital logistics technology and innovative tools can help shippers and carriers continually improve upon weaknesses and avoid delays. It’s that simple. 

Reap the Rewards of Digital Logistics Technology by Unifying Your Tech Stack With Turvo

Innovative logistics technology and analytics can impact every aspect and component of the modern supply chain network. This is particularly true when it comes to strategic customer relation planning and fostering long-term customer relationships. Customer service is the most critical service that companies within the supply chain can provide, and a solid technological platform makes it that much easier to deliver the best possible results to customers. Connect with Turvo to learn more today.

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