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Refrigerated Trucks Use Collaboration Tech to Strengthen Supply Chains

There are many trends and analytics within the shipping and transportation industry that maximize success for the supply chain.  Collaboration tech appears among the newest and most potent available of all these tools and processes. Many shipping lines rely on refrigerated trucks and other advanced shipping services. According to Transport Geography, “Specialization has led many companies to not only rely on major shipping service providers such as the United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx but also to a more focused industry that has developed a niche logistical expertise around the shipping of temperature-sensitive products…As a result, the logistics industry is experiencing a growing level of specialization and segmentation of cold chain shipping in several potential niche markets within global supply chains.” For any supply chain, collaboration tech becomes key to being successful. Embracing new automation, technology, and processes impart a competitive advantage that is hard to achieve otherwise. 

Why Collaboration Tech Is Becoming Popular With Cold Shipping

Moving a high-need or valuable shipment load across the supply chain without issue remains the number one goal of any transport chain. Avoiding serious setbacks or temperature anomalies appears as the primary goal of cold-transport fleets. However, to do so successfully requires establishing a thorough plan that can maintain the shipment integrity from start to finish. This process concerns several phases ranging from the shipments’ preparation to final verification of the final delivery. Collaboration tech makes this easier to achieve and maintain shipments no matter what the load may entail.

Examples of Tech Used in Supply Chains Today

While every shipment line has its unique challenges and services, technology can add value to many processes, including these core areas:

  • Data analysis that allows real-time data sharing throughout the network.
  • Real-time tracking of shipments to track delivery times and locations.
  • Automated updates at checkpoints and arrival/departure to speed up the process.
  • Temperature control and monitoring with by the minute access and regulation.
  • Collaboration tech used to network with 3PLs and other carriers as needed.
  • Improved visibility during loading, delivery, and invoicing.
  • Increased productivity with automation handling repetitive tasks.
  • Faster response time when dealing with deviations or customer concerns. 

Taking advantage of the technology available is vital for any high-value supply chain to find success. Automation, technology, innovations, and tools must be embraced and utilized. Resisting change and clinging to old and outdated processes does much more harm than good.

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Tips For Creating a High-Value Supply Chain Package

One of the best ways shippers of all sizes can make the most of the collaboration tech available appears in their shipping options. Providing clients and customers with the best shipping options and services is essential to creating a high-value supply chain. Several essential features need inclusion in any supply chain package you offer:

  • Keep customer needs front and center. Increased attention on customers ensures your brand doesn’t overlook the end-goals and can work with other business-to-business partnerships to maintain growth. 
  • Do not fear tweaking offerings as needed. There will always be times when change is in order. And to survive the rest of the uncertainty within 2021, primarily as COVID-vaccine distribution comes under the spotlight, adjustments are critical. 
  • Maintain open lines of communication and collaboration. Keeping everyone in the loop is another key to successful supply chain management, especially among refrigerated trucking carriers. 
  • Provide diverse methods and options for shipments. Diversity is also essential. While reefers account for much freight, some methods/modes may be of particular interest during the colder months. After all, reefer may not be necessary for high-altitude climates. 
  • Embrace new tech and automation. Using new technology also eliminates uncertainty concerning document management, shared alerts, predicting the estimated arrival time, and more. 
  • Utilize data and analytics as often as possible. Data and analytics go a long way in promoting continuous improvement and ensuring your carriers and shippers can stay collaborative and build positive business relationships. 

Staying current and relative is a guaranteed way to keep clients engaged and satisfied with your services.

Maximize Collaboration Tech With Expert Assistance From Turvo

Being able to gather, analyze, and share data remains a critical part of any network or collaboration quickly, easily, and accurately. Collaboration tech can take on many forms within cold transport supply chains today, and it is essential to embrace them whenever possible. Standing out from the competition and maintaining the competitive advantage is more comfortable with the right approach. Maximize success with help from the supply chain experts. Contact Turvo today to get started.

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