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Freight Carrier Network

Build the Optimal Freight Carrier Network to Consistently Deliver

Managers of freight carrier networks and supply chains have a lot to keep tabs on with day-to-day operations in the supply chain ecosystem. Many moving parts get utilized in delivering services that the consumer wants, needs, and expects. A robust platform optimized and designed for adaptability will provide the best framework for supply chain processes. Knowing how to build this network and set up a platform that provides the data, resources, and support needed becomes difficult. Knowing how to set up such a freight carrier network can give supply chains a significant advantage over competitors.

The Problems Poor Freight Carrier Network Design and Implementation Can Cause

Visibility is vital in this new normal that the shipping and logistics industry finds itself in regarding managing transportation processes. As further reported by Supply Chain 24/7, “With a new consumer behavior pattern established, there is speculation that there may never be a return to prior levels of fulfillment direct to the consumer and that the warehouse will be the new retail occupation. These new supply chains were not constructed for efficiency. They were constructed for necessity, and that differentiation means they will require time for them to become efficient and operate near to past cost levels.” Unfortunately, most supply chains today struggle to maintain network unity and connectivity.  They struggle to maintain end-to-end visibility, impacting every aspect of service, from ordering to delivery to invoice payments. The continuous transformation of the retail markets and the freight carrier network has only been increased during the lockdowns and reopenings of the past year.  

What Does it Take to Build a Strong and Versatile Platform for the Network

One critical component that supply chain technology has brought to the table is viewing data from multiple platforms across different carriers and other industry niches. A multipurpose network enables carriers and shippers to take advantage of technology, training, tools, innovations, and modernization in powerful ways. Building such a solid and versatile freight carrier network requires several things for success: 

  • Databased dashboard for fast data analysis and sharing in the network.
  • Up to date training and education for team members and staff.
  • Modern automated tools and hosting platforms for logistics planning.
  • Third-party solid relationships with vendors, 3PLs, and brokers.
  • Attention to detail when it comes to meeting consumer wants and needs.
  • Focus on future growth and adaptation within the supply chain.

Setting up and maintaining a solid platform for freight carrier network operations requires a key focus on versatile applications throughout the supply chain. In other words, it all comes down to how easily and quickly users can apply the system, executive shipments, track and trace freight, and share information with contextual messages, digital documents, and more.

Understanding the Most Common Benefits of Strong Freight Networks 

Technology and automation rule in today’s supply chain network. It is the tool that helps create strong freight carrier networks and versatile platforms.  According to TruckingInfo, “other technology solutions take a wide range of approaches better to connect carriers, shippers, and freight brokers, to make logistics and supply chains run more efficiently, and to drive more profits for users. There’s everything from digital brokers and electronic load boards to sophisticated systems that manage the entire process from load tender to payment. Some focus on the immediate transaction of the spot market. Others aim to foster greater collaboration.” This focus on optimal network design and operation helps the supply chain survive shifts in consumer demands and shipping lane disruptions. Benefits of this sort of approach include but are not limited to: 

  • Faster and better response to disruptions, deviations, and issues that arise.
  • More accurate status reports and communications between all involved parties.
  • On-demand access to data-driven reports, statistics, information, and updates.
  • Better customer service and a more comprehensive range of shipping and transportation options.

Consistently Meet All Consumer Needs and Demands With a Turvo-Backed & Visibility-Powered Freight Carrier Network

Keeping up with changes in consumer needs and demands is a full-time undertaking in the best of times. This period of recovery and adaptation within the supply chain network is more critical than ever. Struggling to do it alone is not the answer. Partnering with a freight carrier network collaborative solutions provider like Turvo and tapping into the tools available with such a partnership can turn the tables in your favor. Contact Turvo today to get started.

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