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Out With the Old: When Is it Time to Switch to a New Shipping TMS?

You upgrade your phone, computer, and wardrobe. But what about upgrading your TMS? Over 90% of trucking companies with at least 20 vehicles use transportation management system software. But not all TMS technology is equal, so are companies using the correct one to push them forward? A shipping TMS is an essential aspect of a tech stack for companies seeking growth. Those still using outdated systems pay the price for the need for more flexibility and efficiency, which leads to decreased customer satisfaction.

Companies desire a TMS to guide them into the future and help their supply chain run better. The right technology is needed to ensure companies meet demand. This article examines how businesses can study three metrics to determine whether it’s time to get rid of their outdated TMS shipping software in favor of a new, streamlined version like Turvo offers.

3 Signs it’s Time to Switch to New TMS Shipping Software

A shipping TMS is a technology that allows a company to plan and execute shipments along the supply chain. A resilient TMS should be able to provide real-time visibility to track orders from start to finish and integrate collaboration to increase supply chain efficiency on the way to higher levels of customer satisfaction. Anything less costs money and customers and hurts the ROI. An outdated TMS may not be customizable or scalable, is inefficient with too many manual processes, and lacks visibility options. Companies desiring to improve in connecting all systems and people into one platform can look at the following three advanced analytics to see if it’s time to switch.

1. When Your Shipping TMS Has Reached its Limits

There isn’t anything more frustrating for a growing company than scalability issues. Getting stuck in neutral slows the supply chain and overwhelms a company trying to keep pace with customer demand. A TMS shipping system shouldn’t constantly need to be overhauled; it should be able to scale effortlessly to keep up with growth. An inadequate TMS may have siloed data that can’t scale to meet the company’s needs and doesn’t provide insights to those who need it when they need it. Using a cloud-based software service like Turvo’s means you don’t have to overhaul processes and may scale up as needed while keeping everyone in the loop. These three integrations help with that process:

  • Warehouse Management systems: A scalable WMS provides more visibility into inventory levels, helping companies prepare to process more orders as needed while avoiding delays and paving the way for on-time, in-full deliveries.
  • Accounting and enterprise resource planning: An ERP provides a unified system that meets changing needs quickly and efficiently. A cloud-based infrastructure makes it easy to scale up or down as necessary.
  • Supply chain management: Optimizing the supply chain allows companies to scale up while handling more orders effortlessly while reducing costs. All facets of the supply chain must be able to grow as needed without issues.

2. When Your Shipping TMS Can’t Keep Up

What good is data if a business can’t analyze it properly and turn it into insights that help the company grow? A shipping TMS should be able to turn raw, unwieldy data into an avenue that allows data-driven decisions. If you’re spending too much time with manual data that clogs the supply chain, upgrading to a system like Turvo’s seamless integration helps with comprehensive data insights that lead to better choices. 

Real-time visibility from a proper TMS leads to collaboration along the supply chain that adapts to your needs to provide constant tracking, anticipate customer needs, and keep stakeholders informed with real-time, automatic updates. If your TMS doesn’t allow you to identify potential problems early enough through advanced analytics, it’s time to replace it with a system that can.

3. When Your Shipping TMS Exposes You to Visibility Vulnerabilities

Recent logistics innovations and the explosion in e-commerce have rapidly pushed the topic of visibility to the forefront. A lack of visibility from a TMS allows problem areas to go unseen for too long and is an excellent way to be left behind by your competitors who have embraced it. Visibility needs to be the focus of all companies that want to provide more than just the blue dot on the screen

Real-time visibility is paramount for every member of the supply chain to learn and share insights and to give customers who want to track their shipments from start to finish more information than just a vague description of where their load is. They want real-time alerts and automated notifications, or they’ll find another shipping company that provides that feature. Turvo assists by delivering integrated visibility solutions for all supply chain operations.

Time to Switch to a New Shipping TMS? Choose Turvo, the No. 1 Modern TMS Solution

Growth-minded businesses need TMS shipping software that grows with them so that they can customize and be able to perform all functions necessary to stay competitive. Companies can learn if a new TMS is required by looking at scalability, actionable analytics, and integrated visibility. Hesitating to switch may leave your business stagnated and inefficient and leave you wondering why your customers are frustrated with your service and going elsewhere to meet their evolving needs. 

If your current TMS offers poor visibility, few collaboration options, and no way to analyze data, it’s time to say goodbye and upgrade. Turvo provides real-time visibility and collaboration while integrating all your existing systems to help you adapt and scale as needed to keep pace with the rapidly changing logistics industry. Schedule a demo with Turvo to see why it is the No. 1 TMS solution.

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