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TMS Visibility

Learn How a TMS Increases Real-Time Logistics Visibility

The recent explosion in e-commerce and technological advances has also meant increased customer demands. They want to be able to effortlessly track packages from the moment they click submit to the instant the product arrives. In fact, 90% of customers track their packages during their journey, with 20% monitoring the shipping progress multiple times a day. And 80% of customers have high or very high expectations for the accuracy of the tracking information. With this growth in monitoring, shippers are under more pressure than ever to provide updated, error-free visibility to customers. They need a robust platform to do this. By combining real-time visibility into a transportation management system (TMS), shippers and customers can follow important logistics information through a single cloud-based platform, such as Turvo. This blog highlights the benefits of providing transportation visibility and how doing so leads to stronger customer relationships and increased ROI.

What is TMS Shipping?

A TMS shipping system is software that streamlines and optimizes the logistics of a transportation organization. A TMS helps reduce costs, maximize efficiency and improve customer satisfaction by providing real-time transportation visibility and control into features such as route optimization, load tracking, freight audit, and shipment execution. A TMS is needed as the industry expands rapidly and is becoming the norm for logistics companies. Those that don’t embrace the technology are missing opportunities to build their brand name.

TMS and Real-Time Transportation Visibility

Shippers need real-time transportation visibility throughout the supply chain to maximize the efficiency of a TMS and improve customer satisfaction. Integrating systems into a TMS gives unparalleled, streamlined access to all stakeholders and provides unprecedented end-to-end efficiency. Here are three benefits of using a TMS to integrate more real-time visibility into the supply chain.

1. Whole-Chain Real-Time Transportation Visibility

A TMS gives shippers visibility into pre- and post-shipment activities rather than just during transit. By integrating real-time visibility, shippers can monitor up-to-date progress from start to finish. Stakeholders may adapt to mitigate delays as quickly as possible to ensure that one domino falling doesn’t disrupt the entire process. All parties are provided with concurrent data to identify and resolve issues rapidly. The constant flow of information empowers informed decisions regarding adjusting routes and delivery schedules to minimize disruptions. This ensures fewer hiccups that can delay orders and cause customer satisfaction to plummet.

2. Real-Time Transportation Visibility Increases ROI

Integrating real-time transportation visibility boosts a company’s return on investment, which leads to more sales and fewer costs. A company’s OTIF (on time in full) rates will improve as data analysis shows how to track every step of the process to better manage resources and ensure that areas such as capacity allocation are improved. Transportation visibility platforms significantly reduce costly fines, penalties, damages, and lost goods. Real-time visibility leads to improved efficiency and more responsive service, which results in better customer loyalty that improves profits and increases ROI.

3. Real-Time Transportation Visibility Garners Actionable Insights

The real-time visibility with a TMS software system allows companies to understand the full analytics picture of their supply chain and its functioning. Using key performance indicators (KPIs) on current data makes it possible to find opportunities to bolster efficiency throughout the network. Receiving powerful insights help drivers connect easier and find route optimization and collaborate to share data while cutting down on wasted miles, time, and costs. Schedules may be connected seamlessly, ensuring precious time isn’t spent on costly and avoidable delays. Shippers can also monitor carriers’ performance to learn in what areas improvement is required. Transportation visibility allows companies to monitor what is working and not working, learn from their mistakes, and make corrections.

Facing Demand for Real-Time Transportation Visibility, Shippers Are Turning to Turvo for Industry-Leading TMS

The demand for real-time visibility into shipments is growing, and it’s now commonplace for customers to check the status of their shipments multiple times. They want to be able to monitor the shipment progress on their terms any time they choose and receive accurate, up-to-date information. A TMS with real-time visibility is a must, or customers will look elsewhere. Turvo is leading the way in fulfilling these needs, unifying all your systems seamlessly and offering services such as collaborative real-time visibility, data analysis, and information sharing to ensure customers return for your services again and again. Visit Turvo to explore how they increase efficiency along all nodes of your supply chain and take your customer service to new heights.

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