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Ocean Freight Visibility

Turvo Partners with OpenTrack To Simplify Ocean Freight Visibility

Turvo, provider of the world’s leading collaboration application designed for the supply chain, recently announced a new partnership with ocean freight visibility management technology solution provider OpenTrack.

This partnership brings together Turvo’s collaborative transportation management systems with OpenTrack’s container tracking and data analysis functionalities, creating a holistic tool for importers and logistics service providers alike.

With supply chain management seeing a digital transformation and e-commerce becoming more prevalent, shippers are held to higher standards. Consumers expect on-time delivery, efficient transport and tracking, and more. It’s increasingly necessary for importers to know about all their shipments, estimate accurate ETAs, track shipments and ensure efficient drayage. This is exactly what OpenTrack’s platform enables their customers (shippers, importers, and BCOs as well as freight forwarders and 3PLs) to accomplish.

“This partnership brings together two companies that are solving systemic issues in global trade. OpenTrack tackles data fragmentation and resolves conflicts to present the source of truth in ocean visibility. Turvo tackles party fragmentation and resolves the inefficiencies of collaboration between supply chain partners,” said Kevin Valsi, co-founder and CEO of OpenTrack.

The OpenTrack platform tackles fragmented data and workflows of the trillion-dollar logistics industry. Using data collected in real-time from hundreds of sources, they are able to keep a close watch on customers’ cargo and alert them in case of problems. OpenTrack’s collaboration with Turvo promises to add value to Turvo’s existing customers in different ways:

How supply chain partners will benefit from this collaboration

OpenTrack’s platform will allow shippers and importers to manage all imports in one place allowing them to reduce demurrage fees and per diem costs. From improved ETAs to arrival management and proactive solutions to rolled cargo, this collaboration allows the reduction of staff time spent on tracking. 

For 3PLs and freight forwarders, the collaboration between OpenTrack and Turvo helps with better visibility into shipments, resolving data conflicts from multiple providers and ultimately satisfying e-commerce customer demands. All of this, in turn, will lead to increased speed and accuracy of visibility data during peak season, directly affecting LSP bottom lines.

Turvo’s existing shippers, importers, beneficial cargo owners (BCOs), 3PLs, freight forwarders (or new customers) can look forward to: 

  • Getting clear visibility into inbound shipments from global suppliers
  • Improved on-time delivery metrics
  • Reduction in transportation costs by avoiding demurrage and per diem fees
  • Improved personnel productivity
  • The ability to identify exceptions long before they cause problems

OpenTrack’s integration with Turvo will magnify the gains and efficiencies for customers across the supply chains by facilitating effortless collaboration across parties and systems. This will help drive greater operational efficiencies and create significant value for shippers’, freight forwarders’, and logistics service providers’ bottom lines.

Read more about his partnership in the article – Turvo taps OpenTrack for ocean freight visibility. 

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Turvo works to empower shippers, carriers, LSPs, and brokers with a completely streamlined, connected approach to comprehensive supply chain management, all in one platform.

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OpenTrack is the simple, smart, fast, and accurate way to track your import containers.

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