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Turvo Partners with KeepTruckin to Bring You End to End Fleet Management Solutions

Leading logistics and supply chain collaboration service Turvo is excited to announce a new partnership with leading fleet management and technology solution provider KeepTruckin. This multifaceted partnership merges Turvo’s digital applications with KeepTruckin’s fleet management software and Smart Load Board, to streamline and improve operations for both carriers and brokers.

Driving productivity and efficiency from for-hire fleets as well as reducing transit struggles are challenges 3PLs, brokers, and carriers all need to address to scale their operations. In tandem, fleets also face multiple issues including high fuel costs, accident prevention, driver shortages and more. One of the more efficient ways to solve these problems is to invest in a comprehensive fleet management solution like KeepTruckin.

How does this partnership benefit Turvo carriers and brokers?

Turvo is bringing KeepTruckin’s industry-leading fleet management solution to its customers to help them run safer, more efficient operations and expand capacity options to move freight faster. This partnership brings value to all different types of Turvo customers, from carriers to brokers, allowing them access to real-time intel, actionable insights, and instant access to opportunities, driving greater operational efficiencies and creating significant value for their bottom lines.

KeepTruckin’s cutting-edge hardware and cloud-based software helps carriers improve the safety and efficiency of their operations. With one platform spanning video-based driver safety, Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance, GPS tracking, dispatch, fuel and maintenance, and a load board directly integrated into the product, carriers can access everything they need to manage their fleet in one place.  In collaboration with Turvo’s suite of products, this fleet management technology makes KeepTruckin’s partnership an optimal solution to maximize efficiency and streamline operational workflows.

Turvo’s broker customers will be able to tap into the KeepTruckin network of more than 1 million registered drivers to move their freight faster. By connecting capacity, KeepTruckin’s technology brings efficiency across all areas of the supply chain. If you are a Turvo broker partner in need of capacity, you will be able post loads via Turvo’s integration with KeepTruckin directly to the KeepTruckin Smart Load Board. KeepTruckin freight brokers who post their freight through Turvo can also get visibility to the status of all their freight on trucks enabled with KeepTruckin’s ELDs.

Upgrade your fleet management capabilities today: Turvo’s carrier customers will receive a discount on new hardware purchases from KeepTruckin. And if you’re a Turvo broker customer that would like to post your loads to KeepTruckin’s Smart Load Board to access additional capacity, reach out to your Turvo sales representative.

About Turvo

Turvo works to empower shippers, carriers, LSPs, and brokers with a completely streamlined, connected approach to comprehensive supply chain management, all in one platform.

About KeepTruckin

KeepTruckin is the leader in fleet management technology. KeepTruckin’s cutting-edge hardware and cloud-based software help companies improve the safety and efficiency of their operations. With one platform spanning video-based driver safety, Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compliance, GPS tracking, dispatch, and fuel and maintenance, KeepTruckin provides an integrated fleet management system that scales to meet the needs of over one million drivers and 95,000 customers, from small trucking companies to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Founded in 2013, KeepTruckin has over 2,400 employees and has raised $450 million from GV (formerly Google Ventures), Index Ventures, IVP, Scale Venture Partners, Greenoaks, G2 Venture Partners, and other leading investors. To learn more about KeepTruckin, visit:

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