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The Must-Have Qualities & Skills to Be a Successful Freight Broker

Working as a freight broker is fabulous for people who like making connections and problem-solving. As a career, freight brokering can be exciting and an opportunity to be very successful.

Like all careers, freight brokering has pros and cons. It’s not for everyone, especially those that want a structured and consistent job. A freight broker has to be able to shift priorities and adapt as market conditions change.

For those that like to take on new challenges, working as a freight broker becomes one of their best decisions in life. Here are the top qualities if you’ve ever wondered how to be a successful freight broker agent. Read on to learn how to be a successful freight broker.

The Top Must-Have Qualities of How to be a Successful Freight Broker

Working as a successful freight broker comes down to certain qualities that foster the best results. If you have these qualities, freight brokering could be your ideal career. Here’s how to be a good freight broker.


Brokering freight is most successful if you can start your day with a plan and prioritize which carriers and shippers need to be connected. Freight brokers need to keep track of all shipments and ensure they are going smoothly. Planning matters to ensure a shipper’s needs are met and not forgotten. Consistently using customer relationship management (CRM) software can significantly help.


Shipping knowledge is essential to freight broker skills, but you can learn it. Familiarity with the various types of shipping options is necessary to find the solutions that work best for clients. Armed with that knowledge, freight brokers better strategize to ensure the best outcomes. Learning early in your career puts you ahead of the game.


Freight brokering is all about self-sufficiency. Being a successful freight broker depends on your ability to be self-sufficient. For those that hate being told what to do, it’s a great job so long as you hold yourself to account. You must be willing and able to grow with the job, train yourself as things change, and have a solid work ethic.


Can you set goals daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly? If so, that’s a quality for freight broker success. Sometimes, it can be too easy to slack off without a daily goal. That goal will keep you pushing forward, making new contacts, and finding solutions.

Quick problem solver

Shippers need a solution now as they have a lot on the line. The freight market changes daily, requiring problem-solving that must happen right now. If you can solve the problem quickly, shippers will be delighted. You can then solve the next issue, increasing your income.

Naturally curious

Curiosity is an excellent trait for freight brokers. Learning as markets shift, looking for new approaches and solutions, and experimenting with new strategies makes for freight brokers that win contracts and new clients. The naturally curious find new ways to do things and set themselves apart in the freight brokering marketplace.

Never stop growing your knowledge to stay agile and responsive.

 Good communicator

Connecting shippers with freight companies requires excellent communication. You must communicate with shippers, truckers, and carriers while shopping for the best rates and making arrangements.

When talking with clients, you need to be able to ask questions to understand their needs and make recommendations. Articulating the expectations you want from the transaction with a carrier gets you what you want.

A successful broker is a team player

Successful freight brokers share tips and new information and help each other overcome problems. Team communication elevates every freight broker’s business and abilities, resulting in delighted clients.

A successful freight broker is competitive

Freight brokers don’t start with a list of shippers. Getting out there, ready to compete, has to happen from day one. No one becomes successful without the will to compete, and you must get your name out there to work with the same clients that other freight brokers want.

 A successful freight broker is self-motivated

Motivation means being competitive, staying organized, and working the occasional odd hours needed to grow your business. No one is coming to your desk and offering rewards and words of encouragement; you have to motivate yourself. Every day is another day to say, “I’ve got this!”

A successful freight broker is a multitasker

Freight brokers work with constant changes, new shipper demands and revisions, and varying duties. A freight broker doesn’t just tackle one task at a time; the ability to multitask is a must.

A successful freight broker is competent and confident

Your talking to shippers that need a product moved now and need it to reach its destination on time and in full. Carriers have to know you mean business when negotiating timelines and rates. Go into conversions confident and back that confidence with competency, and you’ll have tremendous success.

Stay Persistent

Stay at it. If one of the traits of a successful broker needs some work, you’ll get there with persistence and the desire to succeed. Leave your comfort zone, dedicate yourself to being successful, and go get it. You’ve got this.

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