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Logistics Podcast TraylorTranspo

The TraylorTranspo Story with Brittany Traylor

What To Expect From This Logistics Podcast:

Brittany Traylor is the Founder and CEO of TraylorTranspo, an asset light brokerage that specializes in power-only moves, discuss the TraylorTranspo story with Joe Lynch on the Logistics of Logistics Podcast.

In this podcast interview, Joe and Brittany discuss Brittany’s difficult childhood, moving to America as a young adult, and the founding of TraylorTranspo. Today, TraylorTranspo is a fast-growing brokerage that uses freight tech (Turvo) to streamline the shipping process, reduce costs per load, and deliver a superior customer experience for both carriers and shippers. Lear how Brittany created opportunties for herself, heer journey through COVID times, and how she is creating opportunities for others today. Listen in!

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The Logistics of Logistics Podcast 

The Logistics of Logistics is a podcast and blog hosted by industry expert Joe Lynch. Joe interviews founders, executives, and innovators who are shaping the future of logistics and supply chain. Topics include transportation, logistics, warehousing, technology, supply chain, and ecommerce. The Logistics of Logistics audience expects an inside perspective of what’s next in logistics and supply chain delivered via podcasts, videos and articles.

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