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Shipper/4PL Relationship Reimagined

RPM Accelerates Growth, Moves the Market Forward through Turvo TMS

We hear the word ‘transparency’ all the time in supply chain, but what exactly does it mean to be transparent? How does the ability to collaborate in real time elevate transparency through action?

Meet RPM, a Michagan-based vehicle and specialized freight transportation broker who is achieving 60% year-over-year revenue growth with Turvo. RPM does not want to be ‘just another freight broker.’ The company’s innovative culture centers around harnessing the benefits of modern technology to create a premium customer experience.

Join Supply Chain Now’s Scott Luton and Greg White as they feature Turvo and RPM for a riveting on-demand conversation focusing on TMS, technology, and culture, and how a long-term partnership with Turvo supports their growth objectives.


“Transparency is something people say they want, but they don’t really care until they absolutely need it. 95% of our shipments go off without a hitch. But it’s the 5% where we need to know what happened and how to handle the exception. Writing tech in a way that treats every shipment as a potential exception creates that level of transparency for our operators to find the problem.”  – Rick Grubb, Chief Information Officer, RPM

RPM streamlines priorities by automating certain manual processes without losing the human touch on areas that require personalization, such as customer service. The combined operational expertise and technology approach allows RPM to tailor solutions to meet each clients’ needs through its team of 400+ tech-savvy industry experts. By utilizing data integrity and real-time shipment updates through Turvo’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud platform, RPM stands apart from competitors and arms its staff with the tools to see and fix problems as they happen. Transparency plus collaboration is key.  


“Bridging the gap between the theory and what you’re about to truly experience is what separates good training from great training. Turvo Academy has the live examples that get people up to speed much quicker.” – Brad Janer, Vice President of Customer Operations, RPM

Turvo supports RPM’s culture of training with Turvo Academy. RPM requires all employees to take part in a two-week interactive training program, which runs up to 6-8 weeks for operations employees. RPM does not cut corners when it comes to ensuring its staff is prepped for success, and it pays off massively. 

RPM is setting the industry standard for moving specialized freight. The RPM + Turvo partnership has been invaluable not only for RPM, but also for Turvo, as the TMS provider continues to make platform enhancements to better exceed tech-savvy freight broker and 3PL customers’ expectations.

Both RPM and Turvo look forward to a continued thriving partnership full of innovation ahead. 

Download the RPM ROI Snapshot

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This one page ROI snapshot explains RPM’s challenges and solution to accelerated growth through Turvo TMS. 

RPM ROI Snapshot