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Turvo Secures FreightWaves LIVE @Home “Best In Show” Award For 3rd CONSECUTIVE Time

Turvo’s world-class collaboration platform has once again proven that user and customer experience is everything in the modern supply chain. During last week’s FreightWaves LIVE @Home event, Product Manager Anastasia Martynovich’s 7-minute demo drew in the crowd and earned the “Best In Show” Award for the third consecutive time

FreightWaves awarded the “Best In Show” honor based on a popular vote of their global audience of logistics leaders across the world’s leading brokers, shippers and 3PLs. The award demonstrates the demand for user-friendly yet powerful collaboration platforms that drive true digital transformation in supply chains. But before we get into the details of the demo, let’s think about that fact for a moment. 

The supply chain tech stack of today made some big promises. It gave supply chain leaders hope that the technology would enable real, meaningful collaboration. But problems have arisen. 

The Problems That Turvo Solves

The Turvo Collaboration Cloud is built on digitalizing the full supply chain ecosystem. The idea was best explained during Turvo’s first “Best In Show” win in September 2020 at FreightWaves Global Trade Tech: “Turvo created a common toolset based on network connectivity and community, to enable a digital experience where users could solve other problems collaboratively around the activity of the supply chain.” 

Turvo developed a uniquely architected, cloud-native platform to help logistics leaders unify their supply chain, collaborate more effectively, and future-proof their businesses. Turvo provides true visibility across the supply chain into inventory, orders, shipments, financial settlement and analytics. Turvo secured its second win for “Best In Show” with FreightWaves LIVE @Home in November 2020, further showing the value of the Turvo experience. As Kendall Scott, Director of Marketing, explained: 

“At Turvo we know that logistics is a team sport where you are working with people inside and outside of your organization. This requires technology that brings people, processes, and systems together. Most of the tools and platforms introduced to the market stop short of enabling a team approach, and often don’t make things easier. In fact, they make it harder. Information gets stuck in siloed systems.”

Furthermore, “the modern supply chain isn’t a true point-to-point chain. The supply chain functions like an ecosystem where more collaboration, enabled through a unified platform like Turvo, provides a true ROI.”

Turvo is designed with the user in mind, with an intuitive interface to create the best customer experience. 

Attendees Learn to Turvo 

Each of the prior demos show some of the basics surrounding Turvo, such as adding new users or tracking shipments within Turvo. This time, Product Manager Anastasia Martynovich focused on how Turvo provides “visibility 2.0” – actionable visibility across the entire supply chain including inventory, orders and shipments. Starting with Turvo’s Search functionality:

“Users can search for anything in Turvo’s Global Search, such as a name or ID. And you can invite supply chain partners to get their own Turvo tenant to collaborate in real-time.”

The ability to search for anything in the supply chain within a single platform – including shipment-level, order-level, and inventory-level visibility – is a huge leap forward for logistics. Turvo’s unique architecture makes this possible. 

Real-Time Visibility and Actionability with Turvo

Turvo can work across any segment, noted by Martynovich. That includes shippers, brokers, forwarders, 3PLs, carriers, or even customers, powered via Turvo Links, to stay in the know. And by bringing other network partners into the ecosystem as Turvo Tenants, any party can quickly collaborate and digitize their transactions.

Martynovich explained that following simple integrations, “All TMS, WMS, OMS, and all other data can appear within Turvo and in one place.” She showed how a user looking for available inventory could search inventory levels across multiple warehouses.

Users can “click into the inventory record to see a detailed record of what inventory is available.” In another instant, users can “check if any holds are blocking inventory, and if a hold isn’t needed, I can release it in Turvo. And my warehouse’s WMS will automatically be updated.” 

“I can check which orders are bringing inventory in and out of the warehouse. Maybe there is a lower-priority order or perhaps even if there is enough expected inventory coming in” that could help a user fill an order based on real-time inventory. This all occurs “without a single phone call, email.” 

“I can create an order within Turvo to execute the shipment and share that information with partners. And if my partners are on Turvo, they can plan their individual shipments, send messages regarding exceptions, and enable collaboration to resolve such exceptions.”

Together, all supply chain parties can unify their operations, collaborate more effectively, and future-proof their businesses.

Transform Your Supply Chain With Turvo

Meaningful digital transformation is the end-all of the modern supply chain. It isn’t enough to simply have a WMS, TMS, YMS, ERP, or another platform in your tech stack. Those systems alone create siloed data repositories and limited data sharing. There’s simply too much rework with the systems of the past. 

But now, Turvo has managed to unify everything from order creation through dock scheduling and beyond. Turvo has created a single touch-point for interacting with the full tech stack and allowing your full network to collaborate, communicate and interact with those systems in one place. Find out how your team can be part of the digital transformation and bring order to logistics by connecting with Turvo today.

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