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Turvo Subprocessors

Effective Date: January 31, 2023

Third Parties

Turvo currently uses third party Subprocessors to provide the Turvo Services.

SubprocessorDescription of Processing
AtlassianBug tracking and development ticketing system
Amazon Web Services, Inc.Hosting
DynatraceLogging and Application Performance Monitoring
GainSight, Inc.Customer onboarding
Google Analytics (Google LLC)Web analytics
Mixpanel, Inc.Web analytics
MongoDBHosted Databased Services
Okta, Inc.User authentication
Sendgrid, Inc.Email notifications
Snowflake Inc.Data analytics
Twilio, Inc.SMS notifications
ZendeskSupport and maintenance ticketing system

Turvo Affiliates

Depending on the geographic location of a Customer or their Authorized Users, and the nature of the Turvo Services provided, Turvo may also engage one or more of its Affiliates as Subprocessors to deliver some or all of the Services provided to a Customer.

SubprocessorDescription of Processing
Turvo India Pty. Ltd.Turvo, Inc. Affiliate


As our business grows and evolves, the Subprocessors we engage may also change. We will endeavor to provide the owner of Customer’s account with notice of any new Subprocessors to the extent required under an agreement, along with posting such updates here. Please check back frequently for updates.

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